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Sambaran Banerjee talks about Sourav Ganguly in an exclusive Interview

Sambaran Banerjee talks about Sourav Ganguly in an exclusive InterviewHe is a cricket coach, a columnist, TV analyst , an administrator in CAB. He is regarded as one of the best judge to new talents in the field of cricket. On a fine morning he speaks to about his best pick for the Indian Team when he was a selector. When asked for an interview on Sourav Ganguly, he replied “ What was left to say, every one knows what he is”. He is non-other than Mr Sambaran Banerjee. He is someone about whom Bengal will always be proud of.

1) Define Sourav Ganguly .
Ans) Sourav Ganguly is the Best left-handed batsman in India ever. He is the best in any format of the game.

2) You were a national selector when Sourav Ganguly was selected in the team. What made you think that he is appropriate?
Ans) He had tremendous talent in him. Determination and dedication was there in him very much . I could see the fire in his eyes. So, I fought for him in the meeting.

3) Your Favourite Sourav Ganguly shot?
Ans) Everybody who has a knowledge of the game would answer the same. Its his special Cover Drive.

4) 3yrs Have gone and the selectors are still trying to find a replacement of Sourav in the team. Who do you think is the able one?
Ans) (laughs) It’s a musical chair going on . No no I cant see anyone till date as Sourav’s replacement. Virat Kohli can be counted at Dravid’s place but Sourav’s place is still empty.

5) Sir, you are regarded as on of the best judge of young talents in Indian cricket. Do u see anymore Sourav Ganguly from Bengal.
Ans) Difficult Very Difficult. There is a lot of talents in Bengal . it is again proved That Bengal has lots of talented players as they emerged as the winners of Vijay Hazare Trophy. But I will again say Difficult to get a player like Sourav Ganguly. Bengal Players lacks exposure.

6) Sourav Ganguly as a national selector. Do you see him there in future ? What are Your views?
Arey Boss , he has a lot of cricket left in him. I want to see him play. But where as these things are concerned I see him more in the administration. His vision is clear and he knows what to do. But every thing depends upon his personal choice.

7) Sourav Ganguly is regarded as the best Indian captain who taught how to win in abroad. What made him unique?
He made “ Team India”. He brought unity and a sense of responsibility in the players. Where as being unique is concerned he was so because he fought with the Australians eye to eye, We learned how to win in foreign Countries.

8.) Sourav Ganguly as an ODI player or as a Test player?
He is a Good test player but a far better ODI player.

9) Sambaran Banerjee had led Bengal to a Prolfic Ranji Win and Now Sourav Ganguly has lead the team to Win The Vijay Hazare Trophy. Do you think Sourav should continue captaining the Bengal side for the upcoming Ranji Matches.
He has a lot of thing in line up. I don’t think he will continue. Everything depends on him.

10) What do you think is Sourav’s greatest contribution to Indian cricket?
Lots of things. Terrific contribution. But the best is that he taught how to win outside the sub-continent.

11) Sir, You have heard about the documentary “The Warrior Prince” on Sourav Ganguly By Mitali Ghosal. Your feelings on that?
Yes, yes 19th is the launch I guess. Wonderful thing. A well directed movie. Youth can learn a lot. A well done job.

12) is a website on Sourav Ganguly . Fans can find any information and update about the legend here. What do you think about this?
This is an era of technology. Players like Sourav faced lots of ups and downs in his life. His comebacks are really fantastic with his day to day struggle. Fans should know everything and they will get it in your website. Good work Guys keep it up.

13) Lastly, Sir your message for all Sourav Ganguly fans?
Always stand with your head high as your role model does.

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