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Sachin Tendulkar : Not a God and that’s what makes him so special

Sachin Tendulkar : Not a God and that’s what makes him so specialWhen I was asked to write on the ‘so called God of Cricket’s 100th ton,’ I didn’t know what to write on this someone on whom everything has been written. I adore him and I am not an atheist but he is no God. How many times have we heard this cliché ‘If cricket is a religion then Sachin is God.’ By calling him God, I feel sometimes we undervalue his achievements. What makes him do what he does as a simple mortal makes him special.

A worldly perception: God is the one who abides in the heaven and wields his wand to get things done and the world hopes that he answers to their prayers. But the simple bloke called Sachin Tendulkar is very much one amongst us, and it’s not just his talent but dedication towards something he loves and worships, which has seen him achieve such heights.

Honestly, the 100th hundred doesn’t hold much significance to me as the hundreds scored were in different formats of the game. It’s just something very much media made but I wouldn’t complain the celebrations as this gives us an opportunity to yet again celebrate his glorious career.

‘100’ is a number and each one adding to the hundred has been a monument and has been a journey for most of us, especially the millennials. His milestones have given us reasons to forget differences, problems and have given us moments to celebrate.

I often wonder what keeps him motivated? Our beloved Dada says that it’s representing the nation that keeps him going and it was quite evident with his celebration as he pointed proudly pointed the tri-colour imprint on his helmet. But I also think that the game itself keeps him motivated. He loves the game and just loves playing it.

Coming to March 16, 2012
I was upset with Sachin’s struggle in the nervous 90’s when India were looking for some late onslaught but the moment he scored that single, I jumped off my divan and screamed ‘yes’, clapping and unintentionally mimicked Sreesanth. Saw Sachin look up, pointing the BCCI logo and the tri colour; and then I collapsed back to divan and took a deep breath.

The game result
Somehow it sort of summarized the current scenario of Indian cricket – a hero’s struggle to achieve a landmark, long wait, dearth of ideas, a captain whose tactics looks baffling, politics and money minded influenced don’t care attitude. In short, a rich bully getting outdone by lanky street-smart neighbours.

Sachin’s 100th ton
I wasn’t really pleased with the pace of it. He looked in a good touch but then at one point I feel it contributed to the 290, which I feel should have been 320. But then there was also a possibility that India could have folded for 270 had Sachin been dismissed early because the middle order seemed to be at discomfort. But then I also felt that for him, he deserved the time consumed for what he has given the game, but then again looking at the result, I have second thoughts. However I am relieved that the media hype will be gone and he can play more freely in the next games. I would have personally preferred to see this ton in the World Cup finals or in Test matches that followed. But I am glad that the monkey is off the back.

On Sachin
I agree with Dada that Sachin should have ambitions for ODIs and just not play for the sake of it. I strongly feel that he should have quit ODIs after the World Cup win, and even now it isn’t too late. I feel he can play Test cricket for another year till the end of Australia’s tour in 2013. I am firm on my views even after this achievement.

As much as we love to watch him play, there is a hard truth, which hides somewhere that his games in international cricket can be counted. I hope that he continues to grace us with several such moments till he bats. Coming to the God part, yes he is god gifted. I haven’t seen any batsman in world cricket as complete as him. There is perfection in his stance to whatever strokes he plays. He is an institution in himself. Have never seen someone as dedicated to the game and eager to learn like him. His humility amazes everyone and I feel proud and privileged to have grown up with Sachin’s career and in the path encountered the likes of Dada, Wall, VVS, MSD and others.

The 100th ton gave us an awaited joy and Sachin reminded all of us that he is a human and no God, he is just Sachin, a one amongst all who has made it count. God sends us all to the world with special sets of ability and it’s how you make use of it and make it count. Had Sachin been God, things would have come so easier, but the human he is, it makes his efforts look so much more supernatural.

He is certainly one sent by the God, to grace this game of cricket and inspire millions.

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