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Why I must get hold of a DVD of ‘Sourav Ganguly : The Warrior Prince’

“Change is the essence of life”, which tells that everything keeps on changing and survives for the next part. Indian cricket which had everything in that, paved way for many incidents which trolled from the gloomy night to glorious day. Out of such incidents, Sourav Ganguly a warrior prince was one of the star who showed the glory to Indian cricket. A person who does not need any introduction for all the cricket lovers who started watching cricket in late 90’s or even before. But for those who are termed as the T20 generation, definitely need some introduction about this prince.

This generation witnessed an opening senior batsmen called Sachin Tendulkar and judged him as only batsman of Indian cricket who could hit the ball through the gaps irrespective of the field from the beginning to the ending of the match. But they don’t know about the other God, the god of offside who got the ability to clear the offside boundary with entire opposite team fielding off side. They witnessed young hulks who can hit the ball out of the stadium with their muscle power, but they never know about the king of sixers who used to hit the ball out of the stadium only with his technique.

They call the captain who brought the world cup 2011 as a legendary captain of India but failed to understand the vision and dreams of a man behind the screen who fought for the best team that started win the matches in overseas. They saw players who want to give up for a particular format of game in which they are bad at, but they missed a player who was known for his come backs in every format of game.

“This generation witnessed cricket as more than a game, an entertainment. But for the past its more than a game, an inspiration lead by our warrior prince”.

Its very unfortunate for this generation that they missed a true inspiration of Indian cricket, Sourav Ganguly on field. But they still have a chance to know about him through the documentary “Warrior Prince” which covered the entire career of Sourav Ganguly. And for the fans of sourav, this documentary can be a treasure through which they can recollect every beautiful moment of their icon on field.

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