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Tale Of My Prince

The rolling tears, busted love and inspiring pride made me a proud fan of him. The day I started admiring him, as a hero for my life and chapter of inspiration in my book, My heart then explored the new era of aggression inside me.

It’s a tale of my prince who was enjoying the royalty of his glory(Game).The glory turned into a curse when gloomy clouds covered his kingdom, when ‘Gods’ of the kingdom rushed into the fort, and refused to lead the army to the battle. The prince took the lead as he was gifted with the commitment to ‘bleed till he gets the lead’ in the battle. As he took a look around in his kingdom he just found a rusted sword and a broken shield with a bunch inexperienced army that can send shivering into the nerves for any leader in the world to lead such army. But my prince took the challenge, he himself became godfather for the ‘Gods’ and brought them into battlefield and started fighting for the glory.

The battle proved the courage of the prince and each of his inexperienced soldiers turned into cold blooded fighters in the battle. The kingdom of the prince finally came back to them. Suddenly prince took a look back to know what had happened then he soon realized that he was no more prince but king of many hearts. It is the dawn of victory after the day of defeat as the army of the prince took a forward step to conquer the world. Every battle left the mark of the prince as a true leader for the army. The army was left with the deadly opponents ‘finally with bunch of ‘experienced’ monsters, the untouchables of the world, and the supreme of the battle who even got shivered watching the army of my prince. But my prince army accepted the defeat temporarily at the end of a victorious day to that bunch of monsters and the monsters blessed the prince as the best leader they played against.

The art of journey is so strange that when time starts running you can’t experience the journey but all you can do is to move on and just look back and stare at the past. The army, love, battle and kingdom after 8 long years celebrating the historical win, as the army conquered the world. Each and every person in the kingdom feeling the glory of their army and kingdom but only some of them felt a missing shadow. As the celebrations reached the sky everyone is watching the sky and pride in the stars but only some are watching down to earth searching for some rust in the soil who were asked by the others what they are searching for. The answer is simple, “watch my eyes you can see it”, as tears started flooded from the eyes.

Only hearts of heaven felt the prince, the hero in the tears who was reason for survival of the kingdom and passive reason for the historical win. Soon the heavenly hearts closed the eyes and made a wish to watch the prince in the streets of glory enjoying the historical win, but demons cursed the kingdom as the prince stood in a slum and darkest part of the kingdom with his hands folded back, his eyes shining and pride in his throat feeling the historical win. The cursed kingdom asked the prince, “You brought the glory in the army which was suffering from nightmares in the past. It’s my turn now, bring the enlightenment to this kingdom so that no other hero will face the situations and humiliations you faced, please don’t give up”.

Then the prince took the past humiliations down his throat, gave a killer smile and answered “It’s always easy to give up all you have to say is ‘I QUIT’ but the harder part is to carry on, I love to fight the toughest” and walked into the darkness fighting for the light and glory in his kingdom.

Achievement brings glory but my prince brought achievement to glory. ‘Hero never takes the glory but fights for his destiny and shows way for many to survive’. Here my heart tells the name of my prince proudly. He is “SOURAV GANGULY”.

I dedicate this article to all the fans, followers, admirers, devotees, critics and who so ever it is. It’s dedicated for those who can’t neglect my prince. (You can’t neglect him)

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